Update 30 Jan 2024 - 2024 AFL Masters National Carnival Nominations Fri, December 1, 2023 - 11:35 AM - by Jesse Tippet



The upcoming State Carnival is in Fremantle commencing Sunday 29th September to Saturday 5th October and the AFLMWA Board is calling for nominations for state coaches for the male and female teams.

At this stage we will be sourcing 2 coaches for each age group (and may require a third coach team numbers dependant). Visiting team numbers will determine how many WA teams are required, however, basis for planning is 18 WA State teams. The makeup and selection of each team will be part of the Coaches duty, however the Board has developed a criteria for selection based upon previous years. There is the opportunity to nominate for any of the following teams:

• Female – 35 to 40s
• Female – Over 40s
• Female – New to Football Division
• Male – Supers 35 to 40yo
• Male – Masters 40 to 45yo
• Male – Seniors 45 to 50yo
• Male – Super Seniors – 50 to 55yo
• Male – Veterans - 55 to 60yo
• Male - Legends – 60 to 65yo
• Male – Golden Oldies - 65 plus

The selection of coaches will be completed by a panel consisting of three of the following in any combination, a WAFC representative, a Board member, a female representative and the Board Administrator. Notification of selections will be made in February 2024.


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