Our Game

AFL MASTERS is football that is designed to allow mature players the opportunity to participate safely in our great game of Australian Rules Football and to compete with similarly aged players. The opportunity to participate, to compete, to be physically active, healthy and fit is the main motivation of the players in our competition. Winning is not important with our games being played in the spirit of "FOOTBALL FOR KICKS" with the social interaction between all teams and players promoted as an important feature of our organisation. AFL MASTERS WA operates community based games for players aged 35 and over in the Metropolitan area as follows:

Supers: 35 years to 42 years

Masters: 43 years to 49 years

Seniors: 50 years and over

Players can play in divisions that are below their age but cannot play in divisions above their age. Eg a players that is 50 and over can play in any or all of the 3 divisions, a player that is 43 to 49 can play in Supers and/or Masters. If under 42 can only play in Supers. In the Country Zones there is just the one division catering for all age groups with special”tackling” rules appliciable to players over 50 ( Player can opt not to apply this rule)

See Our Rules for a full summary of AFL Masters WA's rules.

Our History

Masters football was first played in WA in 1983 under the banner of "Veterans" football. It was later changed to Superules WA and in 2002 became Masters Australian Football WA (MAF). In 2008 the competition was formally recognised by the AFL and was rebranded with the AFL logo. Since its inception the Association has grown from 6 metropolitan clubs to now having 16 Clubs in the Metropolitan area and a further 24 Clubs in the Country with more clubs in both areas keen to join the association.

Over the years players that have finished playing with AFL, WAFL, Amateurs, Sunday League and Country Associations have enjoyed being able to continue their playing at less competitive levels.

AFL Masters WA (Inc) is a direct affiliate of the Western Australian Football Commission recognised by them and the AFL as the only official body to coordinate and deliver mature aged Australian Rules football in Western Australia. In Western Australia AFL MASTERS WA is also a member of the Community Football Advisory Council (Inc).

Game Structure

In the metropolitan several fixtures are played each year where all Metropolitan Clubs attend the same venue on the same day.  The remainder of the year fixtures a split to two venues each fortnight. Each match is 1 hour duration with 15 minute quarters. All clubs take a turn at hosting a fixture day and must provide suitable entertainment for wives, girlfriends and the children of players as families are not only welcome at our fixtures but are actively encouraged to attend.

Most Clubs train once per week and all clubs play each fortnight.

Where Is It Played?
In the metropolitan area there are 16 clubs spread from the Northern Suburbs to Mandurah whilst there are a further 24 clubs located in Country Zones throughout WA.
Whilst AFL MASTERS supports competitiveness games are not played for premiership points and we do not have finals. The Association strongly promotes it's philosophy of "FOOTBALL FOR KICKS" and players are required to play within this philosophy. There is zero tolerance of players who do not adhere to it. The association deals with offenders by way of suspension or de-registration. In the Country Zone games are played at various venues in the traditional "round robin" basis but again there is no premiership points or finals and the "FOOTBALL FOR KICKS" philosophy is pursued. AFL MASTERS has a "CODE OF CONDUCT" that players, coaches, members and followers are required to sign and uphold at all times.

Experience and Registration

There is no experience needed to play AFL MASTERS WA football. AFL MASTERS welcomes players with or without Australian Rules experience. We have players that have come from both soccer and Rugby backgrounds that soon get to know and enjoy our great game. If need be your club will teach you the rules and art of playing our game.

What If I Haven`t Played For A Few Years?
AFL MASTERS WA clubs will still welcome you. You will however need to attain a reasonable degree of fitness but you will find that after a few training runs you will soon start to regain your touch and be performing as though you hadn't spent any time out of the game. Well almost!

The Association does not have player injury or loss of wages insurance. All players are encouraged to ensure that they have adequate injury cover through a private medical fund and if they deem it necessary some form of insurance to cover loss of income in the event of injury and to make their own arrangements in this regards.

AFL MASTERS also highly recommends that at least once per year all players undergo a thorough medical check-up with their local General Practitioner.

Players must complete an AFL MASTERS WA Registration Form and a National AFL MASTERS player/member Consent/Disclaimer Form before they commence training or playing with their chosen club. Fees payable are at the discretion of each club.


Our Carnivals

Country and Intra-state Carnivals
Each year AFL Masters WA holds Country Carnivals in the regions and a single Country carnival in Perth to which all country sides are welcolme to attend in order to play in a round robin Carnival.

These carnivals are not only important in the overall context of growing the game in this state but also very popular, with Metropolitan clubs often fielding sides in the Regional Carnivals and Metropolitan players also frequently play for some of the Country sides when that Carnival is held in Perth.


National Carnivals
There is a National group not affiliated with the AFL that stages an annual carnival at the end of each season at which most States and Territories are represented.  AFLMasters WA is not associated or affiliated with that group.  Those carnivals are held on a rotational basis between participating States and Territories. In keeping with our philosophy of "FOOTBALL FOR KICKS" AFL Masters WA players are free to apply to play in other state representative teams that are participating in those Carnivals by applying to and registering with the state with which they wish to play.  If selected to play with a given state at any of those carnivals players must meet all of the costs associated including air fares, accommodation, registration, playing uniforms etc. Western Australia is not a member of the group that runs those Carnivals and this state does not field state representative sides to play in those carnivals. Players from WA that wish to attend those carnivals that are prepared to play with another state or territory do not in any way represent AFL Masters WA.


Our Philosophy

Philosophy of AFL Masters Football And Guidelines
The most important aspect of our game is that it is "football for kicks". It is for this reason that there are no ladders, finals or best & fairest awards.

All participants should adhere to this philosophy and accept these guidelines:

Egos are to be left at home. Criticism of other player's performance, abilities etc. is not on. We are here to do our best and have fun.
Disputing the umpire's decisions or abuse of umpires is unacceptable and will not be tolerated .
On or off-field fighting, violence or bad language is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
Every effort will be made to give all players equal time on the ground.
Tackling is kept to a minimum.
Masters Australian Football recognises the importance of involving our families in our activities and will continue to make a conscious effort to do this.

New players are always very welcome, but should be made fully aware of and abide by the above philosophy and what is required of them as a representative of your club and Masters Australian Football. See Metro Clubs or Country Clubs on the menu above for a club near you!

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