MVP Medals

Year Carnival Division Recipient
2014 Adelaide Masters Justin Fromm
2014 Adelaide Seniors Simon Maddern
2014 Adelaide Super Seniors Rick Floyd
2014 Adelaide Legends Helen Winfield
2013 Darwin Supers Justin Fromm
2013 Darwin Masters Craig Sargent
2013 Darwin Seniors Marty Culhane
2013 Darwin Super Seniors Colin Campbell
2013 Darwin Legends Graeme Waters
2012 Broome   Andrew Shorter
2010 Canberra Supers Dale Klompmaker
2010 Canberra Masters Victor Tomlinson
2010 Canberra Seniors Bob Puren
2010 Canberra Super Seniors Chris Brockman
2010 Canberra Legends Bruno Remigio
2009 Cairns Supers Brett Hall
2009 Cairns Masters Rod Gibson
2009 Cairns Seniors Robert Purin
2009 Cairns Super Seniors Phil Craft
2009 Cairns Legends John Corson
2008 Darwin All Kim Dellacqua
2007 Sydney All Glen Mackay
2006 Maroochydoor All Greg Hooper
2005 Adelaide All Trevor Taylor

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