Patron's Message

Tim Gossage

As many of you would know Mike Adams from Busselton for many years carried the sole responsibility as patron for our sport in Western Australia. His service in his role as a patron to Masters Australian Football in this State has been exemplary and Mike has never been known to miss an opportunity to promote our game to any person who was prepared to listen.

The task of Patron to a sport such as ours is never an easy one. It is an honorary position which takes up large chunks of personal time and demands a degree of commitment that at times can be somewhat taxing. Over the period of time that Mike Adams was sole patron there have been many changes to Masters Australian Football in this state the least of which being the increase in the number of teams now playing in the competition both in the Metropolitan and Country areas.

Mike of course resides in the country and the rate of growth of the game in both areas made it increasingly difficult for him to represent both areas as patron. For this reason starting in season 2003 the net was cast far and wide by the Executive in an effort to find a suitable Patron that could take some of the pressure away from Mike and leave him in the position of Patron representing the Country sides with any new or incoming Patron being responsible for the overall promotion of our game within the state.

Finding a suitable person to undertake that task proved to be a very difficult proposition. The executive wanted someone of a reasonably high profile and associated with football in this state that was genuinely committed to Community Level Football to act as Patron and assist in lifting community awareness of our game and that which we have to offer to older players.

In early 2004, Tim Gossage, arguably this states premier Sports Commentator, was approached by the Executive in the hope that he might be amenable to becoming our Patron. He did not hesitate in accepting and throughout the 2004 season assisted greatly in lifting our profile with regular mentions of MAF WA on his high rating television programme. The Western Front and also on NOVA 937 FM where he presents all of the sporting news for that station.

Tim is a fanatical supporter of our Great Australian Game, a wealth of knowledge on football and football related matters, is seriously committed to Community Based Football and is genuinely proud to have been appointed as a patron of Masters Australian Football in Western Australia. We are very fortunate to have his assistance as Patron and he has agreed to continue in that role throughout season 2005.

Tim has exhibited great interest in any stories that might prove to be of either general interest or newsworthy relating to Masters Australian Football in WA but like any journalist is only as good as the information that he receives. He has asked that we pass on to him any information that may be of interest so that he can assess its suitability for promotion of our game.

If you have any information that you might think newsworthy or capable of promoting our game please pass it on to any member of the Executive so that it can be relayed to Tim for possible use on his shows. We encourage all of you to watch. The Western Front on Network 10 and also listen to NOVA 937 FM for future articles that relate to us and the Football we love to play.

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